Custom Made Dress Shirts

You have come to the right place. We are the exclusive custom made dress shirts for men experts. We have the experience, fabric, quality designers, customized tailoring talent and over 100,000 customers that testify our quality, expertise and value. We are proud of our heritage. Our experts have been providing quality dress shirts for men for over a decade. Our success lies in our focus, dedication and commitment to providing the best custom made dress shirts for men.

Custom Made Dress Shirts is a Very Sophisticated and Calculated business. All of our custom made dress shirts are stitched to perfection. Your perfection. We have a sophisticated application that takes down all your required measurements and gives it to our expert tailors. Our shirts are then made to fit your body shape and size.

What Makes Us Best

It's simple, Years of experience in craftsmanship, coupled with the usage of the best imported fabrics, ensures that we provide you with an exceptional custom dress shirt exactly the way you want it every time     more

Premium Fabrics

Choose from over 300 types of imported fabrics including Solid, Pinpoints, Royal Oxfords, Twills, Jacquards, Stripes, Plaids, 100% Egyptian Cotton as well as Blends    more

Choose The Fabric

First choose the fabric for your men's Bespoke dress shirt online. With over 300 choices this may be a difficult task, but the wide variety of options will ensure you find the right price and blend (cottons, pinpoint, royal oxford, end on end, twill, herring bone, classic stripes, fashion stripes, checks, etc.). You can choose any color of Bespoke dress shirts online, ranging from lavender to lemon.

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Customize Style

Once you have your fabric chosen, you must select the desired features like fit, collars, cuffs, sleeves, pockets, plackets, etc. for your custom dress shirts

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Measure Up

simply measure your men's best fitting shirt following our easy instructions.
There are three manners in which we can acquire your measurements. The first is very easy, simply give us your height, weight, collar, and sleeve. This will allow our system and experts to calculate your best fit men's Bespoke dress shirt.
The second option is to have someone take your measurements according to our easy to follow instructions. This ensures the fit of your Bespoke shirt online will be more precise.
The last method is to simply measure your men's best fitting shirt following our easy instructions.

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Check Out

You will get a call or email from customer care. If we find any ambiguities, rest assured we will take the necessary action to correct mistakes in the process.

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Our Promises

  • The perfect fit, every time
  • Quick order turnaround
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • We can refund money or remake your shirt, your choice

Create Your Shirt

Endless styling options and fabrics to choose from, while designing your custom dress shirt.