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Slim Fit Dress Shirts


In the last few years the best trim fit dress shirts have become very popular. European sizes and patterns are traditionally leaner than the popular styles in the United States. Currently slim fit white dress shirts are "in" on both continents.

White Trim Best Fit Dress Shirt - for Men of All Sizes


There is a perception that white trim fit shirts are only suited for thin people, but the fact of the matter is a trim best fit white dress shirt can suit a wide variety of body types including the overweight. On a heavier set man, if the sizing on a white slim fit shirt is correct it will compliment the body. The best slim fit shirts essentially require less cloth allowance around the body, and are slightly tighter around the chest while tapering closer on the sides. The best slim fit shirt will not restrict movement in any manner in spite of fitting snugly. This however isn't likely if you are shopping for off the rack slim fit tops. It's extremely difficult to find the perfect size.

Best Slim Fit Dress Shirts


The best trim fit shirts eliminate the loose fabric around the body prevalent in a regular fit shirt. Due to its complimentary effect, the white trim fit trend is definitely here to stay. It is fast becoming the most popular look for the younger generation. Classic dress shirts are also improving in popularity among younger generations. They were earlier perceived as a product restricted to business types, but the best white trim dress shirts are versatile enough to pull off the casual look.

Unfortunately, as will always be the case that with standard sizes, off the rack tops will seldom fit perfectly. Everyone is unique, and it's impossible to target those differences in mass production. And the only surefire solution for getting a slim fit shirt which perfectly suits your unique body is to custom design a white trim fit dress shirt through us. We will be glad to scrutinize your measurements with our software tools as well as our master pattern makers. With the combination of these two resources one thing is guaranteed: once you wear our custom trim shirt made exactly according to your specifications, you will never want to return to off the rack clothing.



Slim Fit Dress Shirts

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