Athletic Cut Men's Dress Shirt

Whether you are muscular, lean, or a broad shouldered slim man, we have the athletic cut dress shirt for you. In a world where athletic builds are atypical in adult males it can be difficult finding clothing that fits properly. These body types are special. They are achieved through either hard work at the gym, diet, genetics, or a combination of the three. It's silly that those who take care of themselves have a difficult time finding men's dress shirts that fit. That is why we offer a customized perfect fit men's dress shirt. Your top is there to accentuate your character and that's exactly what we achieve with our men's athletic cut shirts. A custom athletic fit dress shirt is a valuable asset to any wardrobe.

A bad fit in a men's dress shirt can make you look flabby. One benefit of working with our experts is that we highly value your input. You know how you would like your dress shirt to fit, so the more information the better. Once you have completed the order, leave the rest to us. Incorporating your requests will allow us to create the perfect custom fit athletic cut dress shirt.

Get a custom athletic fit shirt in 4 simple steps.

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The Perfect Fit - Customized Men's Dress Shirt

When shopping, generally athletic men can only find dress shirts that fit tightly around the chest and loosely on the arms and waist. This results in a "sloppy" look. You may be able to hide this under a suit coat, but it's still uncomfortable and won't permit you to remove the coat when hot. This presents an interesting dilemma.

In spite of having excellent bodies many athletic men look awkward in dress shirts. You'd expect them to look the sharpest, but dress shirts aren't cut for them. Various off the rack brands have tried to come up with men's athletic fit shirts, but a standardized athletic cut still does not suit everyone and varies from one person to the next. Here you can custom design the perfect athletic cut dress shirt. Once we have received the measurements our master craftsman utilize software to analyze the data to come up with the perfect design.

Slim fit and athletic cut dress shirts have become a fashion trend because they look great with a suit, with business casual attire, or with jeans. It positively portrays the body and the individual comes across a more confident man with a sharper look. There is no reason that those in good physical shape should look sloppy in professional attire. Customize your perfect fit athletic cut dress shirt today!


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