Let's ask the girls why they think that a customized shirt is the best father's day present.

In the eyes of a pretty young girl, the world revolves around the dad, the ultimate super hero. The super hero that cannot go beyond anything less than stardom and intriguing beauty. But the question always remains, what is the best gift to give on father's day? This is a question that has been haunting mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters and even the entire neighborhood. Well maybe not the entire neighborhood, but at least the household that loves dad. In the last 5 years, we have been getting requests from our valued customers and online visitors as to the top reasons why a customized shirt is the best gift ever. Well there are no more surprises. We are opening the doors of the universe! We requested and interviewed our top customers and let them speak to you about their reasoning and verdict.

Alexa, 23, New York

"My dad is the cutest thing on planet Earth. Over the years, he has become bulky but has the tender loving eyes as always. This is what makes him my favorite. I loved getting him gifts but few years back I realized that the standard shirts and pants don't fit him and he felt very uncomfortable with wearing them. I got a hold of this online company that specializes on customized shirts and we were able to get some amazing deals and special discounts. The price was all worth it. Now, my dad only wears the customized shirts since it fits them. He feels happy!"

Britany, 19, San Diego

"My dad played professional basketball and he is still the tallest dude on the block. My dude! With a massive height of 6 9, he is like the walking giant in the family. But his issues are deeper than fitting in a hallway, it is his wardrobe. And this is something I realized earlier on. We need to get him something amazing and unique. A customized shirt did the magic and now he is able to feel good in something that finally fits him"

Suzanne, 39, Dallas

"At 98, he is strong as ever, but his back and his eye-sight is losing the battle. He was a brilliant man and a professor at a prestigious university and I remember his immaculate dressing sense. With my mom passing away, his wardrobe took to ashes. I missed out on his beauty as I too got married. One of the best things was moving next door to him. So, the first thing I did was get him a customized shirt with his favorite color patterns. That was the hardest part. I had to go online and find a tailor that knew how to dress older men. And after a few tries, finally found a tailor company online that was simply the best. Love it still"

Hanna, 15, Syracuse

"My dad is a retired army officer and always complains about the poor quality at the stores. And he loves his shirts pressed and ironed out. Well I realized earlier on that he needs a customized shirt. He is well built and I love his muscles but the shirts do not fit well. So I went online and got him a special present. Since that day on, he loves his online customized shirts."

There are so many endless stories of how our valued customers love and recommend our customized shirts to the masses. We are simply proud of creating that bond and the unique experience for them.