Setting It Straight - Button-DOWN vs. Button-UP

So, we have reached this far. Many of the fashion experts get boggled down by the very basic question. And it comes as a no surprise for us tailors. This is the question that makes valued customers wonder and ponder. So, if are on the cross roads and do not know the stark difference. You are not alone. Thousands of customers never get to know the difference between button up and button down shirts. And that is why we are here to assist you and tell you all the business logic you need to make that decision.

Let’s begin. Let us tell you the real story. The real analysis.

Being an expert in custom made and custom tailored dress shirts for men, we realize that many of our acronyms and nomenclature might not set in. The question of button up versus button down dress shirts is a common question. It is where people believe that a particular notion dictates the very aspects of the business. This is not always true. In fact, reality is different.

Button down shirts and button up shirts are entirely two worlds apart. And they will remain this way. These two options should never be interlinked.

Button up is all about buttoned shirts. That is the traditional meaning. This applies to all dress shirts, loose shirts, tuxedo shirt and even french cuff shirts. It is all the same. As long as the shirt has buttons, it will be called a button up shirt. Hope that this is clear?

Button down has nothing to do with the buttons, but with the collar type. This concept of a button down shirt has nothing to do with the buttons. So, the buttons are on the collar. This is the make and model of the button down dress shirts. Each collar actually has a button to pin it down.

Now the question is do you prefer a button up or button down dress shirt? This is again dependent upon your mood and taste. This is a particular taste and feel. Many of our customers enjoy the traditional button down dress shirt and many also prefer the button down dress shirt. It is almost 50 / 50. In fact, I asked some of our customers to share us their preference and logic. Sharing with you the data:

“ button down dress shirts are all about being logical. It is making the collar look simple and trendy. Plus the ties look great in the button down dress shirts. I want my collars to look and feel bent and formatted. With the button on the collar I am able to make sure that I look good in meetings without worrying wear my collar is going.”

Albert, Michigan

“ I never liked button down collar dress shirts. Not my style. Reminds me of a traditional type. I like the flavor and style of an open collar dress shirt. This is the best feeling. But again it depends.”

Mark, New York

“ I am a tall man and all my dress shirts take my height into consideration. I personally have noted that a button down dress shirt makes me look more elegant and stylish. I recommend that style to all”

Joe, Montana

“ well I have a mixed feel and style love. Have of my shirts I get stitched are button down and half are button up. Who cares? Really it is the day and style. I take button down shirts in a less casual environment and button up in more business class environments.”

Well these are all the wonderful reasons. And it makes a difference when you care. And you should. Each style and pattern makes a big difference. We recommend that you check the styles out and finalize your favorite type.