Top 3 reasons why Men prefer Customized Dress Shirts

Disclaimer - the article is based upon insight, analysis and feedback given to various online market leaders.

Customized Dress Shirts

Interestingly enough, before we began our hunt to find out and conclude the top three reasons why men prefer customize dress shirts, we asked our internal department and members of companies that focus and specialize in customize dress shirts. Some of the reasons were a close match.

Reason 1 - Individuality

Today we live in a world of customization. Individuality is a key component in our survival. Just look around you! The apparel we wear, the cars we drive, and the equipment that we utilize all have customization. In fact, even our homes and our music selection are all customized. About 10 years back, customization was a trend. Only the rich and the famous could afford a customized dress shirt or a customized two-piece suit. Today, we find more and more individuals gearing towards customization. In fact in a recent article published by the Los Angeles Times, more and more individuals are now going towards a customized approach specifically in the apparel market.

Diet, lifestyle, health, work and personal preference has created a unique individuality experience for all men irrespective of age, color and creed. Men required things that cater to their needs and requirements immediately. Long gone are the days where off the self shirts were best solution men interested in creating a unique value proposition through their clothing. A drastic increase has taken place in online customized tailoring due to this very reason. Thousands of people around the world are now reverting to the online customized market for a solution to fit their bodily and personal needs.

There is another interesting part of the equation. Currently, wherever you live, you are actually at a very limited crossroad of choices. Either you can go to a localized department store and purchase a regular shirt, or you can go to the nearby tailor and figure out if he or she can stitch you the customize shirt that you require. However, in the online segment of the apparel market, you can find dealers from all over the world that cater to your needs and requirements. Now, a man sitting in Chicago can have his shirts customized by the best Italian or Swedish tailors.

The most interesting part about a customized approach to apparel is it brings forth the real you! No more wasted hours trying to find a departmental store that has a particular shape and brand. Also the departmental stores have a very limited range of selection. Hence the need to go into the online market. Where else would you be able to find a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes for all men across the world. In fact many of the people that actually buy customized shirts online are the regular fit guys that want the uniqueness and individuality to come alive.

"I belong to a class of men that want a value statement when I go to work. A shirt says a great deal about you in my line of work. So, the customized shirt approach gets me places!" – Ralph, 37New York,

Reason 2 - fabric quality

Like many other things in life, quality of something that you feel and touch needs to be exponentially appeasing. In fact, people do not wear socks that they do not enjoy wearing. Millions of people all around the world do not even sleep on the pillow that they do not feel comfortable sleeping on. Very similarly, men all across the world have a specific propensity towards a certain fabric type. Some of them really enjoy raw silk fabric. Whereas many others enjoy 100% cotton. This also depends upon the skin type and the age of the person. Another important factor is the industry in which that particular man belongs to. In our experience we have seen that men who belong to the fashion and showbiz industry enjoy more of a silky and soft colors. Whereas professionals work in the banking and telecom sectors really enjoy it more of a whitefish and hundred percent cotton look.

"White is the way to go, but not any white, it has to be 100 percent cotton and that gets me going. In the law profession, white shirts need to be stemmed into you. You need to look like a million dollars. My shirts are all customized to white cotton perfection" – Andy, 26, Chicago

Reason 3- shape and size

Since our minds are uniquely created, so is our body shape and size. Majority of our valued customers and customers all around the world enjoy purchasing customized dress shirts because of the fact that they fit them the best. And this is really the basic reason for the growing customized shirt market. We are certainly saying the obvious. But are we?

There's still a lot of people who complain about departmental stores not providing quality to their needs and requirements. To them, we highly recommend going online and purchasing their first customized dress shirt. Over the last five years, software has drastically changed the way measurements are now done. Software patents are now available where online measurements are taken and a splendid customized shirt is created. That is the beauty of the online market. In fact many of the customers that do go to be enjoying not only the fabric but the comprehensive customized fitting analysis that goes behind making a great shirt.

"I love my online tailors. Seems like they have it made to perfection. I still ponder over the fact that how can they built something without having me there. But in reality, I am happy. My tailored shirts are my craving. The quality, fabric and the stitching is far out. These guys rock" – Dylan, Wisconsin


Irrespective of the top reasons, there are hundreds of other reasons that attribute to the high volume sales of leading online tailors and customized shirt manufacturers.