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We know all too well the annoyances that accompany an off the rack shirt for a shorter built man. Wherever he may venture for the perfect shirt, and even if he is blessed in finding the shirt of his dreams, those dreams may be shattered by the long tail that accompanies the shirt, even if miraculously the sleeves have the right fit, or vice versa. So when it comes to having the perfect feel of the perfect shirt he is destined to turn to the tailor made custom shirt.

We here at Veneto have excellent experience in such matters. Our dynamic client base and vast experiences have led us to deliver the perfect shirt that satisfies all intricacies that a dress shirt for shorter men may encounter. Whatever you have encountered as yet, we have solved. We have managed to produce the most perfect and comfortable dress shirt for shorter men that you will ever come across.

The general consensus is that the shirt should achieve the look of not expanding the torso which would make a shorter man look even shorter, the armpit hole should be tighter so it adds clarity of definition to his body rather than drowning in the extra shirt cloth. Colors and patterns play a vital role too. For example, Stripes should be vertical not horizontal to project tallness. Dark solids also work well to hide that mid-section. And you may top it up with a solid color suit which provides vertical length to the eye as a strategic deception.

Our advice and expertise in fine shirt making and designing does not finish here. We welcome any and all information you think is important in designing the specific shirt for you. Once you have placed your order, then leave it to us to incorporate your concerns into making your perfect custom dress shirt you can call an asset.


Choose from over 300 type of imported fabic including solid, pinpoints, Royal Oxford, Twills

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