Why Custom Shirts ?

Designer Shirts for Men

We deliver quality bespoke shirts that are expertly tailored to perfection. The derivatives of a custom made shirt are easy to follow. Let’s take a glimpse of what ‘Custom made’ implies to at Veneto.

  1. Cost : Our shirt prices are based on the quality of fabric you select. The price might be equivalent to any ‘store bought’ shirt but the fit and quality unmatched. The quality of our custom dress shirts is far more superior as compared to the price we are offering. Affordability and immaculate quality together make a truly great value proposition.
  2. Ultimate fit: We offer a range of ‘fit’ options to suit your style and shape. Choose a regular fit if you’re happy with the standard sizes or it will be tailored based on your personal measurements and requirements. Your pattern is kept on file for future orders. If your measurements change, all you have to do is let us know so we can update your pattern. You just have to try our custom fit dress shirt once and you will never go back to your favorite designers.
  3. Superior quality: Each shirt is individually measured, cut and sewn according to your choice of design. Fine details, stitch patterns and thread accents, are patiently applied. The shirt is quality-checked at every step of its production life cycle and finally once again before packaging to ensure the highest quality standards. For your unique custom dress shirts
  4. Tailoring is our specialty: Our mens tailored shirts is backed by more than sixty years of legendary tailoring and craftsmanship. The collars and cuffs stay firm and crisp because our custom made shirts have 20 stitches per inch compared to a commercial dress shirt that has only 12.
  5. Order online: All you have to do is consult our online fabric catalogue, choose the design and enter your measurements. Once your order is placed then it is our task to produce the most remarkable custom shirts online, custom garment of high luxury and even better value.
  6. Many fabrics: We offer hundreds of fabrics to choose from which you can start designing your unique custom dress shirt and the styling options are only limited to your imagination. You can discover an average of two new fabrics per week for you to play with. Our high quality fabrics include 100% cotton, single yarn fabrics in oxford, poplin and twill, 2 ply 100% Egyptian cotton.
  7. Monogram: You can insert monograms of diverse sizes, shapes and styles on your shirt to give it a more personalized stroke. This makes your custom made dress shirt individual and unique as your signature. The thread used for monograms is 100% cotton.
  8. After sales & customer support: our master tailors review the shirt at every step of production. You can communicate with our online representatives 24/7 for any queries and concerns, as our goal is to deliver a flawless Mens custom dress shirt.
  9. Design your custom shirt the way you want. The shirts are tailor made and fitted to your body measurements. Surely there is not another like it anywhere.
  10. Endless styling options. When we talk of styling options, sky is the limit! Selecting a new fabric and style is fun and easy. Choose any category that you want to explore further and view all available fabrics, style, color, pattern, price or quality. Click on a fabric to find out more details and then simply move on to design a shirt with the fabric of your choice.


Choose from over 300 type of imported fabic including solid, pinpoints, Royal Oxford, Twills

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