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Designer Shirts for Men

The shirts are marvelous. The fit is perfect. The fabric has a lovely feel. I am very pleased. You were absolutely right to recommend one shirt with the trimmer fit before doing the entire order. Prudent suggestion that i appreciate. The trimmer fit turner out great. Thank you again for making such fabulous shirts for me. I will be ordering more soon.

Craig Koele Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I have received the shirts more swiftly than i expected. I am as i expected, delighted with the shirts. The fit is excellent, the fabric a soft comfortable feel, and of fine construction. This was my second order which would not have occurred had i been dissatisfied with my first. I am very satisfied and will order additional shirts.

Craig Brian Koele,Muskogee, Oklahoma

you guys do extraordinary work I would most definitely use you guys again you are very dependable.

Rupert W Francis,Orlando, Florida

Oh, yes I am planning to tell a few of my friends who are up and coming brides. As well as my husband has a lot of big boy friends. It is very hard these day to find a shirt to fit. I did check a few other sites at my expense, I learned the hard way. Your site came up, it was very easy to use, it told you everything you needed as well as the sizing guide, I knew exactly what to do. Your prompt to notice that I had made mistakes and contacted me before production. Well that in it self was amazing. I will tell everyone I know about your company. Thank you very much

Darryl J Dodich Calgary, Alberta

They are perfect. The best fit of any shirt I have owned in my entire life, quality and fit are outstanding Thanks for the follow up John

John P Katalinas,Lockport, New York

The shirt that you guys made for me fits great and was exactly what I had asked for. By far the best fitting shirt I own. I needed something that fit me, instead of a uniformed so called tailored fit that your competitors offer. And in some cases half the cost of what others go for. For a custom shirt the turnaround was excellent. I am very pleased. Looking forward to ordering more shirts. Thanks again, Jared

Jared D Flora,Quincy, Illinois

The shirts are wonderful. They are the best fitting shirts I have ever had. You should market more extensively to short people, because there are so few resources available for us to find affordable clothes that fit.


Tuxedo is a serious affair. You either look like crap or a star. And the main difference is the customer fitting. I ordered a shirt and realized that it was the best thing ever. A customized black slim fit tuxedo shirt makes the game. Recommend these guys to everyone

Mark, West Virginia

I was going to my sister wedding and ordered three shirts. I was amazed at the quality, stich and overall look and feel of the shirt. I looked spectacular. I believe at weddings, you need to look the best, and what a way to look immaculate. A customized dress shirt that fits your needs and requirements

Alex, Oregon

Very excited to get my shirts! I followed the suggestion on the web site and just ordered one to be sure I liked the fit. obviously I was very happy and ordered these additional 13. You should be seeing an order from my father in Anchorage AK very soon. I insisted he order one. below is the e-mail I sent him, thought you would like the complementary nature of it. Thank you again for the great communication and let me know what the new tracking number is when you get around to it. _Mark,_ _You should order a shirt from here! I ordered one and was so happy with what I received that I ordered 13 more. It is by far the best quality and value for a custom made to order tailored shirt. Every detail about these shirts are perfect. from the stitching to the buttons I cant say enough good things about these folks. _ _Just order 1… pick from one of the 49$ fabrics and with this discount it will most likely cover the normal shipping. I know it, hard to believe that you can get a custom tailored shirt for 50 bucks but it is true. It does take a while at around 4 weeks but it is well worth the wait. _ _in the past I have had custom tailored shirts made for me from places like Nordstrom and Stallone to name a few company you know. For how much you pay versus what you get with these other company, Ihave found the overall value to be a ridiculous waste of money. My entire dress shirt wardrobe are now all shirts from Veneto. _ _Have mom help you with all of the measurements because they ask for a lot of information but when you put the shirt on it will be the best fitting, comfortable and durable shirt you’ve ever had. Trust me, just do it!

Anthony B Milionta,Washington 98055

Received the black shirt in the mail today. It is the best-fitting shirt I have ever owned. PLEASE, save those measurements, lock them up in a vault, do whatever you have to. I will want to use them going forward

Derek R Houck, North Hollywood, California

Hi Lisa, I think its ridiculous how awesome it is to get a shirt in the mail that fits my body perfectly. I never knew this was possible. Being a thin, athletic build guy, the selection of shirts that fit me and are tasteful are few. Even slim fit shirts from Bananna republic are not quite right. I am going to buy a shirt from you for my father for his birthday, and I hope to order more for myself soon.

Thomas Zera,Alberta

My second order just arrived and once again it’s the perfect fit. I am actually wearing the first one and enjoying it.

Matthew B. Lake Bluff, IL

I just received my ordered safely and it is great. Thank you!

Michael A. Colby, KS

I am delighted to see my custom made shirt. Honestly I had my doubts but the process turned out well for me. You should look forward on having more orders from me.

Raymond S. San Francisco, CA

Thank you for the timely delivery for my wedding. The shirt arrived just in time. A special thank you for the rush delivery on my request. I really appreciate it. Will be ordering more from you and certainly will recommend you to my friends.

Patrick D. Houston, TX

I just received my shirt and the finish is simply beautiful. It makes me feel good about myself. Thank you so much.

larry P, timberlake, NC

I received my shirt this morning and I am very happy with the quality of the cloth and the stitching. You did a good Job. Please thank your team on my behalf.

Rudy W, Wendell, NC

Your service is pretty good. I will definitely be ordering off you again.

Alistair W, Los Angeles, CA

The quality of your shirts is commendable. The fabric is so soft and comfy and then it fits beautifully.

Erik O, Olympia, WA

Hi, I am emailing specially wanted to thank you and appreciate your customer services as you have been very patient and active in responding to all my emails and then sent me the desired shirt. I will surely refer you to all my friends and colleagues. Regards, Tony

Tony P. New York, NY

I must say Job Well Done! The shirt is exactly the way I wanted.

Michael G, Ontario. CA

The shirt is very good and reflects your team’s expertise and craftsmanship.

Michael P. New york, NY

Hey! Thank you for your prompt responses on my queries. I have just received my shirt and it fits well.

Robert M. Purcellville, VA

Although I was scared and thought it was pretty risky to order a shirt online as I had to take my own measurements and I know it well that I am no expert in that area. But since I have received my shirt I am in love with it, this surely means you guys are experts. It worked out pretty amazingly perfect. You will be getting more orders from me soon.

Timothy P. Lake Forest, IL

Wow! I just received my custom made shirt on the exact delivery date as promised and it fits perfectly. This is awesome. Thank you!

Larry W. Rosenberg, TX

Bespokefitshirt speaks for itself. I am really impressed by the quality and fit. Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering more shirts.

John P. Joburg, ZA

I received my order and the shirts fit perfectly! I am very pleased with your service and the quality of your products and for sure will recommend your site to friends.

Elad R. Ottawa, CA

The shirt was perfect. It arrived on time (actually, early) and the customer service person was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to purchasing more shirts!

Brian C. Sterling, VA

The shirt is great and the Customer Service was world-class. You have a dedicated customer!

Rich C. Cedar Hills, UT

I love the shirts. I am wearing one right now and it feels great, looks great, and fits great. I look forward to ordering a few more down the road.

Casey P. Highlands Ranch, CO


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