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Men's French cuff dress shirts were first designed in the 19th century. They are best described as the double-cuffs that are folded backwards and doubled up. It is simply fastened by a cufflink rather than the traditional button. They are designed for a more formal appearance. A French cuff dress shirt has the option of being monogrammed with a name or initials. These traits result in this style generally being associated with affluent and powerful people who can afford finer clothing and expensive accessories.

Now you can personalize and create your own custom men's French cuff dress shirt. When ordering through us you may choose among the variety of French cuff styles that we offer such as: round, angled, straight, etc. We also offer the option of contrasting colorful men's dress shirts with white French cuffs and collars.

Men's French Cuff Dress Shirts

Generally, off the rack brands limit this style to the most typical colors and fabric types. Similarly, the options for contrasting white French cuffs are even more limited. We give you the control to choose among endless permutations when designing your own men's French cuff dress shirt.

In addition to cufflinks, silk knots are also used to fasten men's French cuff dress shirts. Different styles and colors give a man a variety of choices when matching it with a tie. Similarly the accessories can be chosen to match the type and mood of the event, whether it be formal, semiformal, business, or a party!

There is nothing worse than poor quality French cuff shirts because they inevitably stand out and the flaws become more visible. With our excellent products and customer service you are sure to experience 100% satisfaction. In order to stand out in a crowd without compromising on quality you must order your unique men's French cuff dress shirt today!


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