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Men's Custom Tuxedo Shirts

If you are like the majority of people, you do not have a Men's slim fit tuxedo shirt hanging in your closet. You likely rent a white or black tuxedo shirt every time that a formal occasion arises. Not only is renting a tuxedo shirt more costly, they seldom offer a slim fit shirt and often carry with them the marks of previous use. You don't want to deal with somebody else's sweat stains in the underarms. You can order your own white or black custom tuxedo shirt for the same price as two to three ill-fitting rentals off the rack. The value proposition is undeniable.

Custom Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt

Veneto is proud of its reputation and will provide top quality custom men's slim fit Tuxedo shirts to each and every customer. The key to good white or black men's custom tuxedo shirts is to determine the level of formality the event requires. Some black-tie affairs are more "festive" than others.

Choosing a White or Black Custom Tuxedo Shirt Design

When designing a white or black men's custom slim fit tuxedo shirt, the collar is the first consideration: Turndown or Wing-tip? The wing collar comes to us from an era when men wore tailcoats (well, some still do as demonstrated by the Royal Wedding), and they usually confer more formality. They also may be the best option if you are leaning toward an unusual tie choice or dare we say, no tie at all. The jaunty collar itself will infer that you are dressed for festivity.

Unpretentious and less-starched, turndown collars are the more casual choice for a white or black slim fit tuxedo shirt. They call for more interesting shirt-front treatments. Cotton pique cloths demonstrate elegance without being quite so regimented. While we applaud men's slim fit shirts, in formalwear and especially with a turndown collar, the cut should be generous to distinguish your white or black tuxedo shirt from something you wore to work. It won't detract from the tone of most formal occasions, and neither will it ooze solemnity. When you can achieve that balance, you've mastered formalwear.


Choose from over 300 type of imported fabic including solid, pinpoints, Royal Oxford, Twills

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Ask the Tailor

Question – Do you also stitch green tuxedos?

Answer – Yes, if the even demands a certain color, we provide the service. We have a decent size orders for green tuxedos.

Question - are off white tuxedo shirts still in demand?

Answer – Absolutely. Off white shirt tuxedo shirts play a great role in making you look exceptional in a darker shade of a suite. It is all about our built and uniqueness. off white tuxedo shirts is a great trend setter.

Question – Do you stitch white tuxedo for boys?

Answer – Yes we do. In fact, we also carefully take the measurements into account prior to the make. A boy is no different than the man requirements. Each boy carries his own measurements in terms of height, size and built. And we need to make him look as exceptional as the other men. white tuxedo for boys is a common segment we cater to.

Question – should you custom tailor men tuxedos for wedding ?

Answer – any wedding is a once in a life time event. Why not keep the tradition alive. A custom taoilored men tuxedo shirt is the real game changer. Imagine wearing something that is just made for you. It speaks volumes.

Question – is white the only formal dress shirts tuxedo color?

Answer – No it is not. Again, remember that you are inspired by the event, color and the magic. Your formal dress shirt tuxedo color can be anything. We have made some amazing formal tuxedo dress shirts in all colors.