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Designer Shirts for Men

Bespoke Tailoring is our Specialty - ‘Bespoke’; the word refers to the age old and time tested craft of making garments by hand, one at a time, from a pattern created specifically for each individual client. Bespoke tailoring distinguishes "VENETO" as a superior purveyor of custom men's shirts. We treat each client with utmost care, taking the time to create a 100% custom shirt, fitting in every detail.

Not all tailors do it this way. Some work from existing patterns that represent common body types. Obviously, this approach does not lend itself to bespoke tailoring. Once you order online from us, we work with every aspect of your individual body, style and personal detailing preferences to achieve a fit and style that is destined to please.

The quality of personal craftsmanship and care you receive for your custom-made shirt does take time and skill to produce; we believe that providing this quality at an affordable price is the value proposition we build into our made-to-measure shirts.

Our Master Cutters will personally review your measurements and fit your pattern to your specified requirements - adding any special features your individual taste requires, as specified.

A custom tailored shirt online is very much the ultimate luxury item for elegance, comfort and perfect fit. All these custom-made aspects result in longer lasting performance and enjoyment from your men's custom dress shirt.

Select your own choice of Cloth, Collar design, and Cuff style, to name just a few. The whole shirt is cut and stitched with precision to fit your own unique shape and size for maximum comfort.


Choose from over 300 type of imported fabic including solid, pinpoints, Royal Oxford, Twills

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